August 14, 2022

Archives for August 2009

“Due to an unusually high call volume . . .”

What a bunch of BS!

I’m always skeptical when I call any business number and I get a recording telling me that my wait time is going to be prolonged because of an “unusually high call volume.” Sure!! Call me a skeptic. Especially, when you call in and every time the default mode is a recording talking about “an unusually high call volume.”

(Dude, if you always have a high call volume it’s not unusual!)

Methinks this is simply a way to hold off customers. It’s cheaper to make customers camp on hold that it is to hire adequate staff to man the phones. Just like commercial airlines. It’s easier to tell passengers to show up at the airport 90 minutes ahead of time than it is to hire sufficient customer service people to process tickets, luggage, etc. It’s all about them saving money, not about customer service.

Take a look at your own claim office or operation. Are callers met with a recording? Does the recording set them up for anticipated delays by referring to “an unusually high call volume?”

What message does that send about your commitment to customer service?

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