May 24, 2022

4 Ways to Maximize Your Claim Conference Time

So you just got back from your conference or meeting. Claim professionals spend time attending these functions. These include: claim association conferences, continuing education sessions that the company sends you to, CPCU meetings, legal- and claim oriented trade shows and events. They may even be “offsites” and management retreats organized by your own company.


You meet new people. You make contacts, hears rumors and scuttlebutt. You hear speakers – some good, some snoozers. You exchange business cards. You come back with handouts, notes, Post-Its and other paper scraps.

Now, you’re back at your office, work station or desk. What to do now?

To get the most out of your attendance of claim conferences or meetings, here are four tips:

After the conference …

#1. Distill your notes. If you took notes, get them out and review them. Add anything you forgot to add. Scan them in, transcribe them, create a future reference file for them, distill some action items – i.e., follow up items that you want to act upon.

#2. Build your contacts database. Gather all the business cards you collected. Enter the data from those into your Outlook Contacts or whatever contact management system you use. Follow up with an email or note on those folks you want to connect with. Calendar for future follow-up, if need be. Remind yourself of why you collected the business card: future client, potential vendor or resource? Job lead? Someone to mentor or be mentored by? Just why did you exchange business cards with this person?

#3. Share what you learned at the conference with someone on your staff. Develop a short in-in house training or debriefing session for those members of your team who did not or could not attend. This is a terrific way to reinforce your own learning, imprint what you absorbed and convey the benefits of the conference to those who were not able to take the time to attend it.

#4. ACT on what you learned. Distill your “learnings” from the conference into specific bullet points or action items
– Boil them down into discrete, doable tasks with completing date targets
– Prioritize each list based on what is important at that time/
– Calendar or diary ahead for those items which are not time-sensitive
– Keep the action list handy. This could be on a white board, easel, legal pad, Outlook Tasks list, in your briefcase, whatever

Now, isn’t it time to schedule your next conference?!

What tips and techniques have YOU found useful to capture and capitalize on what you’ve heard at claim conferences? Share them here or share with me directly at

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