September 22, 2021

Address These 6 Claim Communication Gaffes that Trigger Bad Faith Claims

January in Florida?

Not a bad idea!

Soak up some sun AND get some CE time in by joining us at the CLM mini-conference on “Coverage, Bad Faith and Faith” in Orlando.  Here are some of the communication challenges  we plan to cover during the upcoming CLM seminar in Orlando on January 25th. In no particular order:

1.  Failure to adroitly handle reservation of rights situations with the policyholder.

2. Failure to communicate to the insured regarding claim value and settlement.

3. Failure to communicate with the policyholder during the counsel selection phase.

4. Failure to communicate to the insured when material changes occur in claim value or complexion.

5. Failure to tell the insured how the claims process will unfold and what  will happen when

6. Failure to communicate claimant/plaintiff settlement demands.

In the 50-55 min. time allowed during the breakout sessions in Orlando, I doubt that we will have time to cover all of these situations, and certainly not to an exhaustive degree. However, these are the types of communications snafus that will be our focus and which often trigger bad-faith allegations.

Adroitly handling these communications can help inoculate a company against bad-faith claims and lawsuits. By contrast, bungling these situations through communication mishaps can guarantee stress, headaches, lost productivity and an outflow of money due to legal costs defend bad faith claims and indemnity dollars to fund bad-faith settlements or judgments.

Start 2013 by investing further in your professional education and development.  Join us at the Downtown Sheraton in Orlando on Friday, January 25th at the CLM’s “Coverage, Bad Faith and Fraud” mini-conference.

For more information, including breakout sessions, presenters, registration, etc., please visit

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