January 20, 2021

Adjusters are really in the food service business.

My friend and fellow regular columnist for CLAIMS magazine, Ken Brownlee, likes to say that when he was a risk manager, his job specialty was pickles and jams. Very clever! I wish I had thought of that.

If risk managers deal in pickles and jams, that probably goes double for claim professionals. The daily challenges of claim professionals involved working with people who have gotten themselves into pickles and into jams, trying to extricate them from both.

I have often likened claims adjusters to first responders to an accident scene or to the HAZMAT crew that shows up in their special suits to clean up the aftermath of a chemical spill. They may show up to clean up the aftermath of poor risk selection decisions in some cases. They may show up to clean up the aftereffects of poor lost control decisions made by a count. In any event, it often falls to the claims adjuster to be a one-man or woman cleanup crew.

It’s summertime. Regardless of whether or not adjusters attend a county fair, there is a good chance that they are experts in pickles and jams!


  1. business interruption insurance says:

    Good post. I really enjoyed reading your post. I love the way that you have connected adjusters in the food service business. I would also like to add that I feel an adjuster acts like a person who tries to make the disaster more drastic.

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