June 16, 2021

Adjusters — DON’T Start Your Work Day by Checking Email!

Here is a radical tip for many adjusters and other claim professional’s:  do NOT begin your day (or work day) by opening up your email manager and checking your email. 

Check email

Why?  This is a good way to get you distracted and off-track from what you want to accomplish early in the day.  Instead, set aside specific times during the work day to get into and then get out of email.  Maybe every other hour, on the hour.  Perhaps once at mid-morning, once at mid-day, once at mid-afternoon and finally at the end of the day. 

This latter point is crucial.  Once you check email and knock out some replies, do not leave your email manager open.  This applies regardless of whether you use Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Thunderbird or some other system.

I recently read a quote by marketing specialist Chris Brogan that really resonated with me:  “Email is the perfect system to deliver other people’s priorities to your attention.”  This, he explains, is why he resists the powerful temptation to start the day by checking email. 

Forgoing this start of day ritual puts YOUR priorities and intentions at the forefront.  It makes it less likely that other people’s priorities will derail your best intentions.  In our always-plugged-in world, the seductive siren call of checking email “just one more time” is powerful. 

Resist it.  Like any new habit, it will take time to retrain yourself. 

(I need to sign off for now.  In ten minutes, it will be time for me to check my email….)

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