September 22, 2021

An Adjuster’s Thanksgiving: What’s on YOUR Gratitude List?

Is it just me, or do the holidays seem to start earlier each year?  As soon as Labor Day ends and kids are back to school, retailers start carpet-bombing us with ads and promotions for “the holiday season.”  Around Thanksgiving, the pace cranks up.  Stores open at midnight for “Black Friday” sales. 


Now, there are pre-Black Friday sales.  (Not to be confused with the post-Black Friday sales, the post-Christmas sales, the New Year’s sales or the Presidents Day sales.)  Now, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and other retailers are open on Thanksgiving Day itself.    I may qualify as an old codger by grousing about the way retailers have largely hijacked these “holidays” (political correctness forbids us from referring to it as Christmas –– OMG, someone may get offended!) to boost their sales and help them hit their end-of-year numbers.  (Stop me before I yell at some kids to “Get off my


When my kids were small, I told them that the first Thanksgiving between the Pilgrims and Indians was so primitive — they had to watch football that day on black and white TV.  In short order, even achat cialis pas cher my kids realized that Dad was blowing smoke, yet that reminder has become a new Thanksgiving tradition amongst even my now grown sons. 

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks.  Adjusters and claim professionals have much to be thankful for.  Each person’s gratitude list will be different.  It prompts me to pause to reflect on those job and claim-related things for which I am grateful.  Here is my list, in no particular order:

            1.  Interesting, wacky claims that spice up one’s caseload.  (“Did you hear the one about the adjuster and the farmer’s daughter?”)

            2.  Digital voice recorders.

            3.  Smart-phone apps that facilitate the claims process.

            4.  TV ads that show the importance of claim service to the buying public.

            5.  Clients and customers who make it possible to earn a living in the claims field.

            6.  The Claims and Litigation Management Alliance — a/k/a the CLM — for their extensive menu of industry claim resources, webinars, conferences and publications.

            7.  Claims Magazine, which covers “the business of risk.”

            8.  Carl Van and his crew at the International Insurance Institute for their creative ways to deliver the message of quality claim service and skills.

            9.  Liberty Mutual’s hilarious “Humans” TV commercials showing the infinite variety of …loss.  (

            10.  LinkedIn’s “Claims Management” professional group and YOU — the folks here who have a wealth of insight!

OK, that’s my list. 

How about yours?  What things are YOU grateful for in your job and role of adjuster or claims professional? 

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