May 6, 2021

Another great articulation of “What Adjusters Do” …

Few claim adjusters will ever be compared to Mother Theresa, nor do they vie for such an iconic status. Nevertheless, claim adjusters are often among the “first responders” in case of disaster and provided needed aid and succor.

For those adjusters who often wonder, “Why am I doing this?” one of the best explanations I have read comes from Pete Crosa, a claims authority who writes a periodic blog on “An Adjuster is What an Adjuster Does.” Peter hits the nail, on the head once again in his latest post, which I am offering verbatim:

“There is a great army of adjusters that swoop in right after a hurricane or a flood and, outside of a cold bottle of purified water and Red Cross personnel, they are one of the most welcomed sights to a battered and ravaged community.

“This concept of indemnity is as old as mankind. It’s not too difficult to imagine some primitive family losing their lone goat, camel, or other existence threatening asset only to be made whole by the care and generosity of other tribal members.

“Modern society didn’t ditch the concept, they merely packaged it and fashioned a legal contract called an insurance policy. How cool is that? Adjusters get to execute the terms of this insurance policy and we should feel pretty good about that. The terms are clear. Sometimes it makes them whole. Sometimes it just lessens the burden. But it always helps like it was designed to. That’s what an adjuster does.”

Amen, Peter!


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  3. commercial property insurance says:

    Sometimes adjusters have been looked like a monster as making them happy will help to claim the settlement early as they are one who investigates all the situations and approves them. They try to settle the claim at a very low rate for the first time. After that it depends on the insurer to accept it or to deny it.

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