July 5, 2022

“Best Practices for Expert Witnesses” Podcast Interview with the Round Table Group

At the Round Table with Insurance Expert Kevin Quinley

I’m switching hats for a moment between my claim professional hat and my expert witness hat.

Recently, I was interviewed by the Round Table Group (see link above), an intermediary between clients (usually law firms) needing experts and matching them with specialists in a wide range of subject matter domains. Mine just happens to be insurance industry claim-handling.

In this discussion, I talk about
* what I wish I knew what I started down this path as an expert witness,
* how to prepare for depositions,
* how to write a bulletproof report,
* what questions to ask during the initial interview/engagement discussion and
* the best ways to market one’s expert witness practice.

I don’t claim a monopoly on insights with regard these topics, and in a limited time I tried to pack as many thoughts and insights as I could.


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