April 17, 2021

Defense Lawyers – 3 Reasons You Should Join the CLM

I admit it. Some of my best friends are attorneys. I am also a member of the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance, better known as the CLM. As a member of CLM, I try to be a promoter and ambassador of the organization and nominate defense attorneys for membership. Some of them are receptive to these nominations. Others are skeptical.  Others confess that they are too busy to join yet another professional organization.


I get it. Many of these same lawyers belong to FDIC, DRI, the ABA, ALFA, the Harmonie Group, etc. After a while, it’s alphabet-soup. Attorneys could literally spend every workday attending some organizational conference, seminar or event.

So why add more one more organization the next in the form of CLM?

So the question is – why should a defense attorney join the CLM?

Disclaimer: I admit to being biased in favor of CLM. With that disclaimer, I think the benefits are multiple.

First, the organization includes a huge chunk of decision-makers from the insurance claims and risk management sectors. Involvement with CLM events puts you in contact with individuals who could be sources of new assignments and engagements for you and your firm.

Second, the annual conference, the periodic seminars and the webinars sponsored by subject matter groups provide value-added and substantive continuing education. They also provide presentation opportunities for attorneys who specialize in insurance coverage and defense. These types of presentations are often the best marketing efforts available, since they position the attorney in the firm as thought leaders in this particular area of the law. I’m a firm believer that the best form of marketing is not self-promotion, but generating and delivering value-added content to your prospective market. That content can be through articles, seminars, webinars, podcasts, etc.

Third, the publications (Claims Management and Litigation Management), committee involvement and

the events just cited provide an opportunity for you to get involved, to showcase your expertise and project your firm’s brand as

a thought leader in certain areas of the law.

All of this with the caveat of the car commercials, “your mileage may vary.”

Like any organization, you will get out of it as much as you put into it. There is no turnkey operation here, where you join the CLM and then turn on the faucet for flowing business opportunities. You have to work it. The results may not be instantaneous. You have to plant seeds, develop your network, grow your network and tend to it over a period of time. Before the harvest comes the planting. CLM is a wonderful field in which to plant.

Any lawyer doing insurance defense work is making a mistake to bypass opportunities to get involved in this organization.

Benefits from joining CLM accrue not only to defense attorneys of course but to insurance company claim personnel and risk management professionals. The tougher sell appears to be to defense attorneys.

To connect with customers, to build your own knowledge base, to establish your leadership role and to harness channels through which to generate value-added content in your subject matter area of the law, CLM membership is a terrific investment for defense attorneys!

Would YOU recommend CLM membership to your defense attorneys? Why or why not? Share your thoughts here…



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