August 14, 2022

Expert Witness and Consulting Services

Your legal practice in insurance coverage and related matters may entail a periodic need for experts to assess claims-handling, insurance coverage, good/bad faith and the like. If you or your firm needs a consultant or an expert witness on these issues, contact Kevin Quinley. Kevin’s areas of expertise include . . .

  • Insurance industry and TPA custom and practice in claims-handling
  • Generally accepted standards of good/bad faith claims-handling
  • Standard of care in claim reporting, investigation, etc.
  • Proper evidence-handling by adjusters in subrogation cases
  • Institutional bad faith
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • . . . and more!

Kevin has served as both a consulting and testifying expert.  He has helped policyholders, insurers, brokers and self-insureds on cases in Kentucky, Louisiana, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New Jersey , Arizona, Illinois, New Mexico, Ohio and California. Firms, companies and policyholders have engaged Kevin’s help on cases involving:

  • A major Las Vegas hotel/casino – issue of late loss reporting to an excess carrier following a massive jury hit;
  • Two different car manufacturers – faced six-figure subrogation claims by personal lines insurers on fire losses ??? issues of proper adjusting procedure;
  • Excess and surplus lines carrier faced bad faith allegations over a claim denial and adjuster’s refusal to meet with the insured and broker;
  • A nursing home seeking coverage from its insurer following a flood loss – exclusionary endorsement issued after the claim was filed;
  • Intellectual property dispute between competitors who developed rival versions of claims management software.
  • Insurance producer allegedly gave primary insurer incomplete information regarding the existence of personal umbrella coverage. Underlying claim ended up being above primary limits and litigation ensued.
  • Large commercial insurer sued for bad faith by its insured under a product liability policy. An additional insured faced a claim and exhausted the policy limits to get a settlement. Plaintiff then sued the named insured, which had no further insurance. In turn, the named insured sued the insurer, alleging bad faith and neglect of its interests.
  • Medical malpractice insurer sued by plaintiff for violating state???s unfair claim practice regulations.

Kevin is a Contributing Author to a number of the textbooks published and used by the Insurance Institute of America for its Associate in Claims (AIC) and Enterprise Risk Management designation program.  With Kevin’s strong writing background and presentation skills, he blends rock-solid credentials with the ability to effectively communicate insurance concepts in a clear, understandable way to juries and judges.

For a FREE initial consultation, call him at (804) 796-1939 or email

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