May 24, 2022

Flo and Progressive’s Concierge Service Raises the Bar for Claims-Handling

“Flo” is the irrepressible salesgirl with the tricked-out name badge in Progressive’s TV commercials. I was struck recently by one that touts Progressive’s “concierge” claim service. Many insurance commercials spout vagaries and platitudes but not too many spotlight claim service as a competitive differentiator. I am happy to see this. It comes down to more than saving 15% in 15 minutes or less.

In Progressive’s commercial, the insured brings in his damaged car, rings a call bell and a team of attendants rush out to get him a new replacement loaner. Concierge service indeed!

Apparently Progressive has even patented the process of “concierge claim service.” That process involves the policyholder reporting a claim and then,
• Dropping the damaged car off at a Progressive concierge claim center
• Driving off in a rental car
• Progressive writes a repair estimate and engages a repair vendor to come get the car, fix it and return it
• The insured is notified to come back and pick up the repaired car, which has by then been quality inspected by Progressive

Disclosure: I am not a Progressive customer or shareholder. In fact, my car coverage is with one its direct-writing competitors. I also doubt that the process always works to inspire rave reviews by policyholders.

Nevertheless, I applaud any carrier’s effort to compete on something other than price, to compete on service – namely claim service! Maybe it can inspire other insurers to raise the bar to develop their own functional equivalents of concierge claim service.

Now, if only Progressive could get Flo to use a bit less eye-makeup!


  1. indemnifier says:

    Only the owner of the vehicle can authorize repairs. If the insurance company authorizes a repair facility to do the repairs, then the insurance company would be responsible for the quality of work. Progressive might have top of the line repair facilities of their choice, but when a customer complains about the quality, the adjuster would have to pay more or fear losing a customer. It should always be up to the consumer where repairs should be made, not insurance companies.

  2. Re comment by indemnifier: I don't know if Progressive authorizes the repair or not, but the concern the way it is raised flies in the face of the spirit of the service. I believe Progressive warranties the repairs done at their preferred shops nad not to take accountability for that would completely undermine the value proposition of this offering.

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