May 24, 2022

I Guess She Couldn’t Sue God

“Michigan Church Faces Second Trial Over Fall at Altar” reads the headline from the Associated Press. (For the full story, Apparently Judith Dadd of Lansing, MI is suing her place of worship, Mount Hope Church. The suit flows from a July 2002 accident when she was overcome by the holy spirit, fell backwards and hit her head on the floor.

Her theory of liability: the church should have had an usher positioned there to catch her fall. That leads to an interesting idea, where churches might engage one “spotter” for each celebrant who is overcome with the holy spirit. The pews and aisles might be packed that way.

As a footnote, Ms. Dadd has added a defamation claim, saying her pastor has been wrongful stating that her injury was faked. Imagine that!

If you are the adjuster assigned to this claim, maybe one red flag would be the list of itemized special damages including a hefty bill from a faith healer …


  1. Deb Dreyer says:

    Goodness – it is claims like this that ‘clutter’ up the system. It is frustrating to watch incidents of this magnetude. If anything, it is a matter of entertainment!

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