April 14, 2021

If the claims business was run like the airlines …


* Adjusters would tell claimants and insureds to arrive at appointments two hours ahead of time … and still keep them waiting.

* Insureds would be urged to call ahead before their appraisal appointment, be told that everything was on time, and then discover a delay upon arriving

* Adjusters would require a completed Proof of Loss within 60-90 days but charge insureds $25 for each copy

* Policyholders who wanted an actual copy of their policy would have to pay $25 for it.

* Adjusters would promise claim payment arriving “in just a short while,” and they would arrive weeks, months or years later

* Adjusters would tell insureds and claimants that their loss processing would be delayed because the adjuster had to “fill out the paperwork.”

* The claims department would shut down while it waited for an office supply or computer part to be flown in … from Ecuador

* Claimants with a long claims history and Index Bureau printout would receive “Frequent Filer Points,” redeemable for a report to the National Insurance Crime Bureau database

* Insurers could change policy terms at any time to reduce coverage, but any change the insured wanted would come with a $150 change-fee surcharge

* All insurers would eventually merge into just four or five insurers and jack up their rates due to diminished competition.

How else would the insurance claims business be run if it were run like an airline? Share your thoughts here or email them directly to kevin@kevinquinley.com

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