September 22, 2021

Might Super Bowl Sunday Bring Super Claims to Adjusters?

WARNING: Football Helmet and Pads Could Make You Hot!!

In late January, the widow of NFL player Korey Stringer settled her liability claim and lawsuit with the NFL following her husband’s heatstroke death at the Minnesota Vikings training camp in the Summer of 2007. Stringer’s wrongful death lawsuit alleged that the NFL had not done enough to ensure that the equipment used by players protected them from heat-related injuries and deaths.

Strnger’s string of lawsuits included an earlier medical malpractice suit against the hospital that treated the lineman after e collapsed in the 100+degree heat. That lawsuit had already been settled.

But the lawsuits are not over. Still open is a claim and product liability lawsuit against Riddell Inc., the maker of the football helmet and pad. Apparently these products were defective because they lacked warnings to the effect that wearing helmets and pads in hot temperatures could be dangerous. Incredible!

Come to think of it, this could open the way to further litigation. Examples:
• Suits against General Motors for not putting written warnings on accelerator pedals.
• Litigation against Harley Davidson, for not designing motorcycles with roll-bars.
• A potential class action against Sarah Lee for irresponsibly baking with BUTTER for the last 30 years.

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, hazards abound. That’s the bad news.

The good news: there are deep pockets to sue!

Recent studies show that Super Bowl Sunday brings a spike in drunk driving accidents and stomach ailments due to the mix of booze and bar food.

Further, doctors report that people who drink too much during the game and fail to go to the bathroom develop urinary retention, possibly warranting later catheterization. Come to think of it, most of the target audience for those Flomax commercials may be off making a head call at the very moment the ads air!

Other Super Bowl mishaps include:

• A guy getting so drunk he broke his teeth trying to open a beer bottle
• Fans who strained their backs while jumping up to cheer
• An upset fan so ticked off with his team’s performance, he tossed his TV set out the window of his third-floor window.

And we haven’t even gotten to the scourge of wardrobe malfunctions!

All these folks might form a class action lawsuit against the NFL, alleging that the League failed to warn them of the various hazards attendant with watching the game.

I just hope my cardiologist has adequate medical malpractice limits in case my ticker goes haywire while I’m watching that sexy PETA commercial …

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