August 14, 2022

New “READJUSTED” Book Offers 20 Traits for Claims Unit Success

READJUSTED: 20 Essential Rules to Take Your Claims Organization from Ordinary to Extraordinary by Christopher Tidball, © 2011, CT&A Publishing, Jacksonville, FL.

Author and claims guru Chris Tidball has penned “Readjusted,” the functional equivalent of “Chicken Soup for the Adjuster’s Soul.” Tidball’s subtitle is “20 Essential Rules to Take Your Claims Organization from Ordinary to Extraordinary.”

In READJUSTED, he spotlights twenty “rules” – each the focus of its own chapter – he believes can transform a claim operation. These rules range from Change Management (#10) to Attitude (#12) to Shooting for the Top (#20). Tidball decries the sloppiness and superficiality he sees in many claim operations. He advocates for a back to basics approach to recapture the essence of quality claims adjusting.

One nice feature of READJUSTED is that each chapter is a standalone essay, ranging in length on average from four to six pages. You can dip and graze from this claim-themed buffet line at your leisure and finish the book during one plane flight.

Alternatively, you can easily savor one chapter at a time. READJUSTED is a small (145 page) book that packs a big punch.

One theme that comes through from Tidball is that hiring for subject matter expertise is over-rated. In many cases, he has found it more effective to “hire for attitude and then train for skills.” Too often, he has seen seasoned adjusters hired, adjusters who brought with them more baggage than an O’Hare skycap. Better, he feels, to take someone with an open, eager and receptive attitude and mold that unformed lump of clay, sculpting that person into the claim professional that builds sound habits from the get-go.

Sports enthusiasts will relate to READJUSTED, as Tidball – a volunteer youth football and lacrosse coach — sprinkles his advice with examples from the world of sports and quotations from prominent athletic coaches. In fact, the book closes with a quote about professionalism . . . from none other than Joe Paterno. (In fairness, READJUSTED was published before the Penn State disclosures hit the fan.)

Doubtlessly, Tidball sees multiple parallels between building winning sports teams and molding highly effective claim units. (Perhaps if any adjusters slack off, we can order them to “Drop and give me twenty Proofs of Loss!”)

As a bit of cherry-on-top reading dessert, Tidball includes a closing section of Afterthoughts – Crazy Claim Stories and Wacky Accident Report Descriptions.

So, in the end, what is it that needs readjusting in order to elevate your – and your claim unit’s – adjusting “game”? What is needed to, as the celebrity check Emeril Lagasse might say, “kick it up a notch”!

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