September 22, 2021

Practice Tip #10: Support Your Marketing Folks & Brokers

As a product liability claim specialist, see the Big Picture.  Work with marketing and insurance brokers to articulate your company’s value proposition as respects product liability claims -handling.

What sets you apart?

What skill sets do you bring to this claims area?  Access to top notch attorneys?  Adjusters with law degrees, engineering backgrounds, or deep product liability expertise?  A database of experts?  An impressive trial scorecard of defense verdicts in product cases?

Drill down.  Dig deep. 

Figure out what makes you different from other carriers or TPA’s that handle product liability cases. Be prepared to articulate those differences. Anyone can compete on price.  That is a rare to the bottom, though.

This is a specialized field. Articulate a strong rationale for why you’re suited for this specialty.

Help attract new business to your company, help competitively differentiate your services and boost your company’s ability to compete on something other than price.

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