May 6, 2021

SIU Adjusters Needed to Fight North Korean Insurance Fraud!!

Previously I didn’t know which was worse – North Korea’s burgeoning nuclear program or its Fearless Leader’s bad haircut. Now we learn that this country is a leader in international insurance fraud. Details and exploits are uncovered in a recent front page issue of The Washington Post (

Apparently Korea National Insurance Company is renowned for procuring reinsurance and then submitting dubious claims. In fact, insurance fraud is a source of much needed hard currency.

Any anti-fraud or SIU adjusters looking for the ultimate career challenge might consider this one. Of course, taking on Kim Jong Ill might involve risking a stint in a North Korean labor camp. (Any adjuster who has flown Northwest will be well-prepared for this eventuality, however.)

Perhaps we should introduce a motion to the United Nations that it create an international SIU???


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