April 14, 2021

Six Ways for Adjusters to Avoid Being Late …

Like it or not, right or wrong, fair or unfair, your credibility as a claims person often hinges on keeping your commitments. Fail to be reliable in the little things can cause claimants, insureds and customers to think that you can’t be trusted on the Big Things. These “little things” include being on time for meetings, which seem to increasingly crowd the busy adjuster’s daily schedule. Honoring commitments by being on time for meetings is a small but meaningful component of building your credibility and “brand” as a reliable claims person.

Late for Meeting

How to avoid being late? Here are six tips:

#1. If you have back-to-back meetings (which is sometimes unavoidable), end them five minutes early to give yourself time to breath and to walk to the next meeting.

#2. If you encounter someone — a co-worker or one of your reports — while headed into your next meeting, politely avoid quick chit-chats. Explain to those who want to engage you, “Wish I could talk, but I’m due in a meeting in XX minutes …”

#3. If you are hosting an online or telephone meeting via a conference call, video conference or WebEx, get to the meeting place early. Get the technology (speaker phone, computer, overheads, etc.) ready before the confab begins.

#4. If you have a meeting away from your office, block your calendar for “travel time” before the meeting, allowing yourself scheduled time to get there.

#5. Similarly, if you are returning to the claims office from an offsite meeting, block your calendar for “travel time” after the meeting.

#6. Always assume that each meeting will take longer than its actually forecast. This way, if a meeting runs over, you need not be stressed out. If it wraps up on time or (god forbid!) early, you have a time bonanza to use to get an early start on the next project or task!

What tips or tactics have YOU found useful in boosting your punctuality and being on time for meetings! Share here or send to me at kevin@kevinquinley.com


  1. mike pollak says:

    throw away your watch. start the day 1 hour ahead of time and murphy (murphys law) will see to it you are cooling your heels ahead of time all day. plus, your blood pressure will go down 10 points.

    • kquinley says:

      Mark — Great advice. (I wish I could take such advice..) My wife is always telling me to stop looking at my watch.

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