September 22, 2021

Stave off Adjuster Blues with Music CD Aimed at Claim Pro’s

While Beyoncé and Taylor Swift will probably be lining up to accept their awards, it is safe to say that the Grammys will likely not be announcing the name of Carl Van. Cross “Weird Al”Yankovic with an insurance adjuster and what you get may approximate this whimsical music CD aimed at claim professionals.  Nevertheless, renowned insurance trainer Carl Van has just released a music CD reflecting the challenges and headaches facing insurance adjusters and other claim professionals. Van is an adroit trainer of claim professionals and has branched out by offering a number of books aimed at adjusters. In addition, he has posted his culinary chops in a 2012 Claims Cookbook (which my wife happens to love).

Van and his Van-band of merry musicians have branched out further, this time into the music business in a fun way with, “I’m a Claims Man,” featuring Van and the Awesome Adjuster Band. Carl wrote all the lyrics and then recruited two friends — Jenny Williamson, a successful Christian music singer/songwriter and Michael Krejci, a country music singer and songwriter. He also enlisted his wife for background vocals.

The album and its songs are funny will entertain anyone who has ever sat at a claims desk, struggling to stay on top of their caseload, suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous settlement demands. The track list includes the following cuts:

“Behind on Diary Blues”

“Welcome to Our Claims Unit”

“I’d Like to Take Your Statement (I’ve Heard it All Before)”

“The Performance Review”

“My Counsel Let me Down Again”

“They Call me the Claims Hammer”

“The Claims Commandments”

“All I Want is the Sex Life of a Pre-Injured Claimant”

“Forget Everything Your Agent Told You”

“The Claims Cookbook”

“I’m a Claims Man”

My favorite track: “All I Want is the Sex Life of a Pre-Injured Claimant.” Any claims person handling bodily injury and loss-of-consortium claims understands that, when a claimant is seeking compensation for loss or diminishment of sexual capacity, there’s a huge temptation to –let’s say embellish — their previous activities and capabilities. We are talking Cialis-on-roids.  Sometimes it’s a smidgen. Sometimes the embellishment is a lot and claimants would have you believe that — prior to the accident — they went at it like baboons in heat on an R-rated “Animal Planet.” The song pokes fun about the times when claimants shade these loss of consortium claims on the exaggerated side.

The CD is available on and iTunes, as well as the website and

For some comic relief as a coping mechanism for the stressed-out adjuster, load your CD player or iPod with “I’m a Claims Man” and rock on.

Rumor has it that, music not only soothes the savage beast, but also soothes the stressed-out adjuster!

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