July 31, 2021

Taming the Adjuster In-Box …Take Out the Trash!

When I was a kid, one of my household chores was taking out the trash. At that time, there were no rolling trash bins equipped with wheels. These aluminum behemoths had a handle at each end and you had to muscle the full can down the driveway to the curved. I hated it and used to joke that, until the age of twelve, I thought my name was “Garbage,” because so often my parents would turn to me and yell, “GARBAGE!!!” on certain nights of the week, just before trash pickup.

Delete Key

Despite the fact that I hated the job, taking out the trash was – – and is – – a necessary function for a household. It is also a necessary function for claim professionals in taming their e-mail and their inbox. Sometimes when it comes to taming adjuster e-mail, we are our own worst enemies. One tactic to tame this beast is to get reacquainted with the.

Liberally use the “DEL’ key! Get reacquainted with this key! As you get an email, ask yourself:

• “Do I need to do anything in response?”
• “Should I save it?”
• “Is this task to delegate to someone else?”

If the answers are “no,” hit DEL.

Be done with it.

Were you copied in as a “CYA” gesture?

So much of what goes on in the claims office is to cover the backside in case there is a decision made big goes awry. In the interest of being kept “in the loop” we end up being bombarded with extraneous e-mail is not necessary for our job.

Put your inbox on Slim-Fast and … “When in doubt, delete it out.”
Make taking out the trash a regular feature of your e-mail in inbox management.

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