September 22, 2021

The Claims Coach is …. BACK!

Claims Coach is …. BACK!

In the NFL, coaches live a perilous existence. If they don’t win, they often need to quickly find a good real estate agent. In fact, pro football joke that “NFL” stands for “Not For Long.”

I’m happy and excited to report that The Claims Coach is back!

After many years in the corporate world, I have launched Quinley Risk Associates, an insurance/claims consulting practice. Its focus will be on casualty claims, litigation management, training, writing, speaking, coaching and expert witness services.

Along with that comes the jump-start of “The Claims Coach” blog, dormant for years due to my commitment to a corporate role. Look for new blog posts to offer tips, tactics and strategies to work productively, smartly and save money (and Maalox) in handling litigation. Please also look for the resumption of risk management and claims management columns in Claims magazine.

The Claims Coach is “back in the game” and looking forward to sharing ideas with other claim and risk professionals in our vocational community!

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