April 14, 2021

Why Adjusters are Cognitive Athletes…..

Claim professionals are knowledge workers. They are expected to have competency in insurance coverage, liability and damage assessment. This involves a rudimentary familiarity with reading insurance policies, determining and apportioning fault, evaluating injuries, possessing fluency in medical terminology and the ability to evaluate if not generate damage estimates on real and personal property. It may involve a nonlawyers familiarity with local laws and the legal environment.

The spectrum of topics and subject matter domains within the adjusting field is daunting. Likely no one will ever master all. Adjusters are expected to assimilate large volumes of material – – medical, legal, investigative, damages documentation, settlement demand packets, lengthy defense attorney evaluations, applicable court cases, local unfair claim settlement practices regulations – – and make informed decisions as to coverage, liability and damages.

Adjusters don’t tighten widgets. Each claim is unique with its own complexion of circumstances and features. As a result, effective adjusters need analytical abilities and the ability to understand, often under tight deadlines, substantial chunks of information and to convert that information into the key issues that drive case defense, evaluation and resolution.

In designing work environments for claim professionals, we need to ask the question: “re we establishing a work environment that maximizes or degrades the cognitive abilities of adjusters to do deep work, thoughtful and reflective work or dropping them into a Pavlovian setting for their responding to beeps, chimes another audible cues?”

With the prevalence of remote work and telecommuting in the era of Covid, will employers wash their hands of the task of designing work environments for claim professionals that foster their ability to do deep work and perform at their cognitive peak?

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