September 22, 2021

Why Adjusters Matter!

Peter Crosa is the President of his own independent adjusting company and private investigation firm based in the Tampa, Florida area. Among other things, he writes a periodic blog titled, “An Adjuster is What an Adjuster Does.” Lots of good stuff in there! There are very few people in the industry that I read and then kick myself, saying, “Boy, I wish I had thought of that!”

Peter falls into that skill category.

Recently, Peter’s missive discussed why claims adjusters fulfill a positive societal role. It is one of the best — perhaps THE best – “Big Picture” perspective I have ever read on why claims people have reason to be proud and to hold their heads up high with regard to their chosen profession.

Too many times claims people have a permanent inferiority complex. I confess that I have often referred to claims as the Rodney Dangerfield’s of the insurance industry. I say that more as a description rather than legitimizing that sad state of affairs. Nobody entered the claims business for its prestige, high pay or cache during cocktail party introductions.

If as a claims adjuster you ever wonder whether you are making a difference by doing your job, please consider and ponder the following excellent articulation as to why adjusters matter. The following segment is reprinted with permission from Peter Crosa:


What have you given back to society? Is your community better off because you’re in it? If you’re an adjuster, the answer is yes. Here’s why.

You are given the responsibility to investigate and adjudicate contractual obligations and torts between citizens. Every claim you resolve before a law suit is filed, saves the cost of a trial. The cost of a trial includes the cost of the courtroom facilities and utilities, salaries of the courtroom staff, attorneys, jurors, witnesses and experts. It saves the time, sometimes several days, of the lives of countless people that would have participated in the trial.

So, just in case you ever feel embittered, embattled and unappreciated; just in case you get the feeling your supervisor is ready to throw you under the bus at any moment; and just in case you feel like adjusters are the un-loved step-child of the insurance industry, remember what an adjuster does.

And don’t forget to pat yourself on the back every now and then for a job well done; for being equitable and ethical. You do make a difference in this world and so does the adjuster sitting next to you. Pat them on the back too. That’s what an adjuster does.


Well said, Peter and Amen!


  1. company insurance says:

    I too recently came to know about this when I was trying to settle my insurance claim. He was trying to convince me to settle my claim at a lower rate. But I simply refused his offer. I must say he was doing a great job by trying to influence people to settle their claim at the best lower price.

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