June 16, 2021

You May be a Claims Adjuster If …..

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy is known for his redneck humor, including starting a run of jokes with the preamble, “You know if you’re a redneck if …”

No comedian will achieve mainstream popularity with a run of claim adjuster jokes.  You’re talking about a small, niche audience here.  Nevertheless, perhaps we can — a la’ Foxworthy — conjure up some thoughts about what makes us in the loss adjusting profession unique.

You May be a claims professional if . . .

  •             You reach for your wallet just to make sure it’s still there when you hear a claimant say, “I only want what’s coming to me ….”
  •             You read about a spectacular and tragic accident in your local newspaper or see it on TV and say aloud, “Wow – that’s gonna’ be a big claim!”
  •             You may be an independent adjuster if you scan The Weather Channel for emerging tropical storms in the Caribbean and yell, “COME ON, BABY!!”
  •             You know that Mary Carter is not Jimmy’s sister.
  •             Your car sports a bumper sticker that reads, “Adjusters get no release.”
  •             You know that a body shop has nothing to do with a massage parlor.
  •             You think Flo on those Progressive commercials is hot.
  •             You know that a frame-stratightener is not found inside an optician’s shop.
  •             You can speak for twenty minutes straight on the pro’s and con’s of aftermarket parts.
  •             You can use the word “betterment” with a straight face.

Finally, you may be a claims adjuster if . . . you post a blog entry with examples of “adjuster humor.”

Guilty as charged.


  1. Careful, now. You are going to ruin the myth that claims adjusters have no sense of humor.

  2. I have no idea what you are talking about with the Weather Channel comment….

  3. Ray Lindroos says:

    You know you are a claims adjuster when you follow someone into a revolving door and you come out ahead of them.

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